Existing Course Services

A large percentage of my work consists of assisting clients with their existing golf courses.  It is something I enjoy.  To transform an existing course into what it truly can be is very rewarding.  While many might think golf course architects simply show up and wave their hands around and promote changes, this simply is not the case.  Though some efforts might include or center on hole changes, most courses are best served by renovating or restoring what already exists.  Within those efforts adjustments can be made to incorporate today’s standards in both the game and materials or processes.

With needs of existing courses ranging from minor consulting to large scale redesign, the services I provide vary accordingly with no project too small or too large.  As a professional Golf Course Architect I have gained a broad understanding of what makes for a successful project and what it takes to provide a quality golfing experience.  Existing course services typically fall into the following categories

[feature icon=”flag” style=”horizontal” title=”Renovation”]Improving, upgrading and refurbishing the current design.[/feature]

[feature icon=”flag” style=”horizontal” title=”Restoration”]Restoring the course to the original design.  Most often associated with designs of historical significance, quality or pedigree.[/feature]

[feature icon=”flag” style=”horizontal” title=”Redesign/Repurposing”]Going in a different direction with the golf course.  Often to take advantage of newly available property or to offset new influences. [/feature]

Following are some of the services I can provide:

[accordion title=”General Consulting” state=”open”]If you are not sure what your course might need or how to go about addressing needs, I can help put you on the right track.  A visit to the course and constructive conversations about expectations can set the foundation for an appropriate approach that best suits the needs of the client. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Master Planning” state=”open”]A Master Plan is a collection of professional recommendations and suggestions for upgrades, enhancements and re-design opportunities for an existing golf course.  With the passing of time golf courses need to adapt to expanding demographics and the evolution of the game.  A high percentage of most Master Plans center on timely upgrade and replacement of course infrastructure, materials and structure.  Those efforts often are a good time to include design embellishments which add considerable value.  Design traits such as style, character and aesthetics are fully assessed while game attributes such as playability, shot values and resistance to scoring are incorporated.

While each project differs in need and scale, Master Planning is a process that includes considerable time spent by me on the course studying its strengths and weaknesses and with staff to gain an understanding of what challenges and issues might exist from a couse management perspective.  Resulting recommendations are presented for consideration by the owner of the course or committee of members tasked to work with me.  The Master Plan then becomes the general guideline for all future course improvement and upgrade projects and helps insure all work is geared towards a common goal.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Asset Management Plans” state=”open”]Coming Soon[/accordion]