Beyond the measuring out of golf shots and golf holes to meet the demands of par and yardage, great golf design stirs emotion, stimulates the senses, and draws you back to the course for more. For some, a good round must simply be fun, for others it should be challenging. It can be both when there is depth to the design. The result is a golfing experience that is memorable and rewarding.

My designs are modern, yet are based on proven traditional and classical principles that embrace the sporting spirit of the game. While the styling and character of my work differs from project to project, at the core of each is my belief in a “New Traditional” design style; one that is grounded in a thorough understanding of historical precedent combined with proven modern systems and processes of the present. With this, a seamless integration of the native environment can be achieved.

This approach is applied throughout a full menu of renovation, planning, and new design services that are adapted to the specific needs of each club and client. No matter the type or scale of project, the goal is to produce the finest results possible.  No matter the service, or how big or small it is, clients interact directly with me.  This includes correspondence and communications, planning, design and construction.