Analysis and Recommendations

Golf Course Master Plan Mission Statement
Provide the membership a comprehensive and responsible plan of recommendations for enhancements and upgrades to the golf course and its related facilities that when executed in a timely manner will insure future sustainability and growth of the club.

Key objectives of this master plan effort include the following:
  • Respect, maintain and expand upon the existing spirit and character of the golf course and accompanying facilities and their settings.
  • Identify upgrades and timely replacement of course infrastructure that will translate to more efficient maintenance practices and enhanced course presentation.
  • Identify opportunities to add strategic interest, increase shot values and strengthen resistance to scoring while maintaining or improving playability for all golfers.
  • Determine the best distribution of yardages throughout the golf course to provide appropriate hole yardages for all players.
  • Enhance aesthetics throughout the property.
  • Develop the best practice amenities possible.
  • Assess the needs of all related club facilities as part of the overall member experience.
  • Consider market niche in all recommendations.
  • Seek timely input and approval on proposed enhancements from the membership.
  • Identify an effective and responsible implementation plan for the final scope of master plan recommendations based on member determined priorities, efficient construction sequencing and fiscal responsibility.

HCC Master Plan General Recommendations